Server X 10.1 Upgrade


Just wondering if anyone knows if the Server 10.1 version will be available as a downloadable update, or if it will require a clean or cd install.
The upgrade is shipping now, and will require you to obtain or purchase the CDs. $19.95 from Apple, or (maybe) available at Apple stores and participating retailers on Saturday the 30th. 1-800-APL-CARE reports that OS X Server 10.1 upgrade is "ready to go", while OS X Client upgrade will require ~2 weeks.

The 10.1 Server upgrade is virtually identical to the 10.1 client.

You need to boot from the update CD, but then things proceed "normally." It is intended to be an update.

I'm waiting for my kit to appear....
I believe that the Server update will contain 4 CDs --
10.1 Server
Developer CD
Macintosh Manager 2.1
NetBoot 2.0.1
It may also contain the 9.2 CD

Also, all updates are shipping within 24 hours of reciept of order,
so don't expect more than about a 5 day delay -- not the 4-6 weeks
that are listed.

Your current Server License key will work with the update.