SNOOD (mac os x version)


does any one know if there and a version of Snood for mac os x.
my mother is a Snood addict.


hey, my mom too! What's here high score?
This is what i found:
Level: Hard
Level: Evil
And no, this is not cheated.. ;)


Simply Daemonic
You guys DONT KNOW how many hours I have spend playing one version or another of snood on my mac or elsewhere :p he he... nice game ;)

On the playstation (or the dreamcase ?:confused: ) I saw it with the characters of Bubble Bubble


i wrote to the guy & gals at and they sent this reply

"Our next Mac version is going to have to be a complete rewrite to
accommodate the newer system software. The graphics libraries and routines
are mostly obsolete, so we'll need to redo everything. We hope to have a much
better product when we're done. :)

The project is currently under way, and we hope to have a beta version
available in about a month."

i guess a month isnt all that long.

"Red Phoenix" does play fine in clasic but it is a bit of an effort to start classic up everytime she need a quick fix of snood.

"NielZ" ...i am not sure about her highest score but the time she spends playing itis anything to go by then it should be in the billions :)

Red Phoenix

I went and tried it after posting that message, and found it worked. It does have a problem that when I switch to another program, the screen doesn't refresh anymore. Oh well. I can wait a while.

if they released a snood with nice 32bit graphics i'd register it for $15.

really, i would.

<resgeek story>back on OS8 i reseditted snood into a star wars theme.</resgeek story>

Red Phoenix

There was a South Park version of Snood floating around a few years ago, too. The sounds got really annoying after a while, though.