Some flash video sites not working properly


Hey there

I'm having an issue where certain flash sites don't work properly, they just sit there loading and never actually do anything.

The vast majority of sites work just fine, youtube, google video,, the escapist, etc..

But some sites such as simply will not play the videos.

In addition to that, will not work either, but there I at least get an error message stating that "flash local storage is not turned on". In this case I've tried to load the flash manager and turn it on, but after changing it and going back in, it seems that my changes were not saved and my local storage is stuck at 10k max.

The exact same sites work fine on my friends PC using my wireless connection.

I have tried to uninstall and reinstall flash with no success.

I've tried both firefox and safari, neither work, but the flash stuff seems to be global on the machine, so I suspect it's more of a problem with the flash than with a specific browser.

I've even tried to run firefox as root, install flash as root, etc thinking that it was something to do with not having permission to write to wherever flash was trying to store stuff.

I've got Firefox, OSX 10.4.11, and Flash installed.

I suppose I'm most concerned about, but I think the video issues may be related to the "local storage" error I'm getting aswell.

Any and all help greatly appreciated.




But some sites such as simply will not play the videos.

In addition to that, will not work either, ...
I have absolutely no problem playing any of the videos on these websites in either Safari or in any Gecko-based browser. Perhaps, you have an onerous pop-up blocker or some other problematic Firefox extension installed.


So I tried flash 10, everything is still the same, most sites work, sites like veoh and pandora do not.

The only firefox extensions installed are Talkback (crash reporter) and Firefox's DOM inspector. No popup blockers, etc.

I did do a verify permissions to see if it showed anything, and the only stuff that showed up were all directly related to flash (stuff in /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/Flash Player.plugin) where alot of it had the incorrect owner/group and were missing write permissions for the group.

I repaired these and it didn't change a thing.

I also tried this right after I uninstalled flash 9 and installed flash 10 and the permission "errors" had returned...

also, no matter what I do, that flash manager on the adobe site will not remember my settings, and doesn't seem to have anything populating the list of "visited websites", where I should be able to specify the amount of local storage to allow on a per site basis.

I'm starting to think this is related to permissions somehow, but I have no idea where Flash stores it's local content/settings on my mac, and I'm not sure where to look in the system logs to find any "access denied" messages that may be getting generated whenever I goto these sites or try and change settings with the Flash manager. frustrating...


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I hear ya! My brother's computer is having a no audio problem related to flash and after the security update he downloaded today the problem came back! Argh.

A few things: Did you download flip4mac?

I'd use your system disc to do a full disc repair.

Try to use flash from another user account (create another admin user, password "password" just to test things like this) and see if it works.

I imagine Adobe Flash and Shockwave are to blame. I downloaded the latest shockwave to the computer to fix it the first time, though now my bro's comp is back to where it was; maybe this was the fix?


If a webpage with the same flash content does not work in all browsers, (Chrome, Opera, IE, Firefox, Safari, etc), go to Adobe's Global Manager web page: or just right click on the blank Flash player and select " Global Settings", navigate to Global Storage Settings Panel and check the box that says "Allow third party flash content to store data on your computer". This setting applies to your user account ONLY and will have to be checked on every instance of a new user account on your computer(s). While you are there, check the "Never ask Again" box. This will prevent every new site you visit from prompting to allow for storage on your computer. (who cares, it’s a temporary allocation). Also check the third box "Store common Flash Components...."(why wouldn't you want this?)