Sonnet processor upgrade


Hey fellas,
I'm running logic studio 8 on a g4 mdd dual 1.25, the ram is almost maxed out (1.8 gb ddr i think). I'm getting CPU overloads while running virtual instruments and the sequencer at the same time. So I was thinking of buying the sonnet dual 1.8 upgrade (600 dollars!!!!! goddamn thats expensive!!!!). Any insights?
I can understand you wanting to keep your MDD G4 but I'm not sure if upgrading the processor is the answer.

IMHO it may be better to spend that amount of money on a low end G5 or even a Used/Refurb G5 or Intel imac ...

Do you still experience CPU overloads when you "freeze" tracks?
it overloads just playing A virtual instrument while the sequencer is running (not always but frequently enough). Basically I'm wondering if the processor upgrade will significantly improve the problem (will I be getting the bang for my buck), or are there cheaper alternatives.....etc...etc...
I agree with VT - use that $600 cost to invest in a PPC G5, assuming your present software is PPC-friendly (as opposed to Intel). Having said that, if budget is your concern, you may find something here There has to be a question mark hanging over the extent of improved performance. Basically, your G4 MDD is doing big tractor work with a small diesel motor.
For $600 bucks you could get an entry level mac mini and it would be much more powerful i think, plus you would get a warranty and a longer product life for the future.