Southern California Post Here

Both Fry's here don't have it. The one off of the 91 between the 57 and 55 and the one in Fountain Valley off the 405. Also all CompUSA's in the Costa Mesa/Anaheim/Santa Ana region were supposed to have receive it but have not.
I went to the Micro Center down in Orange Couty (55 FWY, off Edinger), and they had many copies of them. The guy said that they had already handed out like 150 copies since the morning.

Just ask for it and he will give you a copy, if he still has them left. Didn't ask to see any proof of OS X 10.0.

Watching the Matrix DVD on 10.1 right now while browsing in IE at the same time. No skip or lag or any slow down with the DVD at all!! Really cool!!
I picked up mine on Sat at 11am at the Comp USA in Laguna Hills. There was a box with about 80 copies left at that time. I'm not sure how many are left past that.
I'm in the north county area of san diego (yeah encinitas!) and went to the local CompUSA off Leucadia and El Camino Real. They opened the doors at 9:54 am and even before 10 I had the disk in my hands! Whoohoo! I was like 7th in a line of like 30 people.

Two or three years ago I used to work there (I know, I felt dirty too)... so I knew the manager. I was talking to him and he told me that they were burning copies non-stop for when they run out of the official ones. But they were supposed to get another shipment in monday morning.

Anyways, if anyone is in this area go there and they will get you one. Alright, it's late, time for bed....
I got mine at the CompUSA in San Marcos. They didn't have any of the Upgrade CD's (except 1). So they copied it and the 9.2.1 Upgrade CD For me and about 5 others that were there asking about it.
... I picked mine up at MacEntusiasts (on Pico near Westwood) at almost 4pm today... btw: they're a great Mac store/repair shop if you ever need anything... not the best prices, but good service :)

Actually at 6:30pm yesterday (Saturday) I picked up a copy from a stack in the mac section at the Fry's in Anaheim (91fwy). They had about a dozen.....they were right there by the new G4's.........I had to wait in line and pay $.01..(i guess to keep track of things)....more of an inconvience than anything else.......fortunately and oddly I approached my "appointed" checkout register....low and behold a nice copper penny right at my feet......hmmmmm.......didnt have to leave with .99 cents in my pocket after all............
Went home and reinstalled it over my developer GM 5G64 and still have that odd little line about....only appears if using pre-release version...or something...........if I get bored today I might reinstall.......
Ohhh. I called them on my "Holy Quest for OS X 10.1." They told me that they heard about it but none were expected. That was close to my work too. Like 15 minutes from Costa Mesa. I really didn't want to hassle with the Apple Store. They started a waiting list for Monday and I was the first person on the list, but I don't want to drive to Glendale.

Work in Pasadena,
Drove to Glendale Galleria (10 min)
Found Apple store (5 min)
Asked the first employee, "10.1 update please".
Drove back to work (10 min)

Damn, much easier than what I anticipated.
Yeah, i got mine at the Apple Store in Glendale as well. They said they had 2000 copies in stock, but that was at the beginning of the day.
Today I received an email that said my copy will be reserved until Wednesday and that I had to say that "Steve sent me" Drove 45 miles in 35 minutes 20 minutes before the Apple Store closed and FINALLY got my copy.

Eric B