Start up disk control panel crash


I have had some troubles using the partition OS X as my start up disk but it eventually works.... I went to the startup disk control panel to see what was going on and the system preferences window crashed again and again... Anyone have this problem or know whats happening?

350 mhz G3 (B&W)
128 mb ram
The Startup Disk pref panel will crash if there is a 9.0.4 CD mounted. The 9.0.0 CD doesn't cause the crash.

1.) I think it works better if you have the OS X cd in...

2.) if you have Linux installed and a bootstrap for booting into Yaboot this will happen. I did. It wasn't pretty. Getting rid of Linux on the drive cured it.

Read my post about having Linux
I was running OSX and and OS 9 on the same partition and life was good. Then one day I decided to switch back to OS 9 from OSX. I went into the startup disk preference in osx, but it immediatly crashed. I kept trying and it kept crashing. all other preferences worked fine. finally I had to reinstall OSX then life was good again.
I had the same problem as csajovic. It seemed that OSX was not recognizing my OS9 Folder. I fixed the problem by booting off of an OS9 CD then running SystemDisk while booted with the OS9 CD, but I also found that doing an OSX Sherlock search for files in my OS 9 Folder made the folder reappear in OSX.