I really hope this is true. I only live an hour from Woodfield mall.

It would make sense to put a store in Woodfield since its one of the 10 biggest malls in the U.S. and its in Schaumburg where all the real great shopping is to be had in Chicagoland. :)
Does anyone know if their'll be a retail store opening in or near Worcester, MA any knowledge would help...:confused: :) :( :eek: :D ;) :p :cool:
The Palisades Center mall in W. Nyack.. It's 2nd largest mall in the US, in an affluent area, and 15 minutes from my house.

You're not yankin' my chain about Boston , are you? I was afraid that it'd be too big a headache for them to overcome some of the pretty decent mac support/stores we have - I'm not saying they're great, but I've lived in places (Seoul being one overseas, Valparaiso, IN (law school) one over here) where you could not find but one or two places that had even heard - or wanted to hear - about macs.

Although, Computer Town did suddenly disappear from Boston a few months ago... I actually liked them - and the old Mac shop that used to be in the BU Bookstore....
All these cities your talking about are well and good but why not put a store in the largest city of all? New York City! There are surprisingly few stores that even stock apple software and even less with apple hardware. An Apple store would certainly do well, as i would be there every day.

anyone know if there will be one? how 'bout hartford?

Apple Store Loactions/Job Listings:

1697407 Apple Store Manager -Woodcliff Lake NJ
1686714 Apple Store Manager - Albany
1686509 Apple Store Manager - Buffalo
1721872 Apple Store Manager - Chandler, AZ
1721920 Apple Store Manager - Clarendon, VA
1685564 Apple Store Manager - Newport Beach
1686471 Apple Store Manager - Tampa
1704882 Apple Store Manager- Peabody MA
1704914 Apple Store Manager-Cambridge, MA
1700857 Apple Store Manager-The Falls, Miami
1700890 Apple Store Manager-Wellington Green, FL
1686514 Assistant Manager - Buffalo
1685596 Assistant Manager - Newport Beach
1686475 Assistant Manager - Tampa
1686421 Assistant Manager - West Hartford
1704906 Assistant Manager-Northshore,Peabody MA
1686715 Assistant Store Manager - Albany
1721879 Assistant Store Manager - Chandler, AZ
1704915 Assistant Store Manager-Cambridge,MA
1721921 Assistant Store Manager-Clarendon, VA
1700880 Assistant Store Manager-The Falls,Miami
1697426 Assistant Store Manager-Tice's, NJ
1700893 Assistant Store Manager-Wellington, FL
1686735 Mac Genius - Albany
1686524 Mac Genius - Buffalo
1704919 Mac Genius - Cambridge, MA
1721910 Mac Genius - Chandler, AZ
1721930 Mac Genius - Clarendon, VA
1686647 Mac Genius - Germantown
1685655 Mac Genius - Newport Beach
1685680 Mac Genius - Palo Alto
1686486 Mac Genius - Tampa
1700886 Mac Genius - The Falls, Miami
1700914 Mac Genius - Wellington Green, FL
1686468 Mac Genius - West Hartford
1704913 Mac Genius-Northshore, Peabody, MA
1697437 Sales Associate (F/T)-Tice's, NJ
1697429 Sales Associate (P/T)-Tice's, NJ
1721922 Sales Associate I (FT)-Clarendon, VA
1700899 Sales Associate I (P/T) Wellington, FL
1686730 Sales Associate I (P/T)-Albany
1704918 Sales Associate I (P/T)-Cambridge, MA
1686697 Sales Associate I (P/T)-Columbus
1686628 Sales Associate I (P/T)-Germantown
1685818 Sales Associate I (P/T)-Mall of America
1685774 Sales Associate I (P/T)-Newport Beach
1686687 Sales Associate I (P/T)-Plano
1686429 Sales Associate I (P/T)-West Hartford
1695717 Sales Associate I (P/T)-Woodfield (IL)
1700884 Sales Associate I (P/T)The Falls, Miami
1721908 Sales Associate I (PT)-Chandler, AZ
1721929 Sales Associate I (PT)-Clarendon, VA
1704910 Sales Associate I (PT)Northshore Peabody
1686519 Sales Associate I (Part-time)-Buffalo
1685357 Sales Associate I (Part-time)-Glendale
1685413 Sales Associate I (Part-time)-McLean
1685553 Sales Associate I (Part-time)-Palo Alto
1686482 Sales Associate I (Part-time)-Tampa
1685668 Sales Associate II (F/T )- Newport Beach
1700898 Sales Associate II (F/T) Wellington,FL
1686734 Sales Associate II (F/T)-Albany
1704917 Sales Associate II (F/T)-Cambridge, MA
1686701 Sales Associate II (F/T)-Columbus
1686645 Sales Associate II (F/T)-Germantown
1685822 Sales Associate II (F/T)-Mall of America
1686690 Sales Associate II (F/T)-Plano
1686425 Sales Associate II (F/T)-West Hartford
1695707 Sales Associate II (F/T)-Woodfield (IL)
1721882 Sales Associate II (FT)-Chandler, AZ
1686517 Sales Associate II (Full-time)-Buffalo
1685407 Sales Associate II (Full-time)-Glendale
1685457 Sales Associate II (Full-time)-McLean
1685533 Sales Associate II (Full-time)-Palo Alto
1686479 Sales Associate II (Full-time)-Tampa
1700882 Sales Associate II-(F/T)The Falls, Miami
1704909 Sales AssociateII (FT)Northshore Peabody
i think stores in europe and more advertisment is really needed!!!

i'm currently on vacation in germany @ may cousins, does she have any friends that own macs? no! did i meet like 20 people here! Yes! overall the mac i a nonexistent/option here, for some twisted reason, and a double sides sword, software for mac is sometimes twice as much or at least much more than pc software!

I even met a guy who *LOVES* winblows!!! (he even hate LINUX!)was i shocked? YES! though i have to give him some score for owning a 100More Mhz AMD machine! hehe! (F*** intel)!

anyway the market here in europe is expanding and is less saturated than in USA or Canada (where i reside) my recomendation? Plant the seeds and they will gow! Apple needs to do some PR work here to save these souls from the Winblows platform...

and to prove i'm not trolling (troll - coined by slashdot), shehas winblows 2000, she uses it to connect to the internet...she has a cd burner *insert laugh here* but need to reboot in win ME (a total failure) to burn cd's!!! and canot connect to the internet from ME!! did the people that sold her the computer know how to fix this?*insert laught here* COMPAQ! NO! did any of her die hard winblow users know? well thiz the present and she still has to dual boot! (warning, sarcasm filter must be applied) thats what i like about winblows!

so, my suggestion is clear-- start focusing on growing coutries and u will have the mass to sell to.


much to contrary belief, quality is not a factor in 'everyday' people,
*cost* is! u get competitive costs compare to winblows and u get peopel who want to dish out the money!