Stuck At 640x480


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I can't change my monitor out of 640x480. It is annoying because some things in X require a larger screen. I am using a PowerMac 7500 with a G3 upgrade card. Is it because my machine is not supported and doesn't have the appropriate drivers for my graphics chips? If so, does anyone have drivers to make it work.

Some one please help as I can't change some items in the system preferences.
What kind of video care are you using, or are you using the internal video? If you're using the internal video, do you have a monitor with a mac-style connector, or a standard PC style VGA connector? I'm using a PC monitor, which requires me to use an adapter to connect the monitor to the internal video port. In my situation, this adapter, forces a resolution of 832x624.
BTW, I'm running on a 7500 with the internal video ( 832x624 ) b/c I can't get my ATI card to work. ( OS X loads the ATI R128 kext, which causes a kernel panic after redrawing the screen gray.) Note that my ATI card is the Xclaim 3d plus?, it's got a Rage Pro Lite chip on it...from before the Rage 128's came out. Anybody had luck with this card?
Yes, I am using the Internal Video. I have an Apple Monitor (for a BW G3). It has the VGA connector, and has to connect through the adapter tha came with it. I don't see why an Apple monitor wouldn't work with the internal video.
I'm afraid I've never worked with any of the newer hardware; so I'm sorry to say that I don't think I can help.