Terminal: Saving Alias's


Smiling 'till death
ok, i was reading one of my new books that teaches me tcsh, and i came across the Alias command. well, i wanted to put it to use, so i set one up, used it, thought it was pretty cool, but when i closed the shell and reopened it, the command wasnt there any more. how do i save my alias commands? in the book, it says to edit the ~/.tcshrc file. only problem is that there is no file named that. supposedly the terminal shell is in /usr/bin/login but whenever i try and access that, it says it doesnt exist, EVEN THOUGH IM LOOKING RIGHT AT IT! someone?
If ~/.tcshrc doesn't exist, then you can go ahead and create it, just put in your aliases you want kept...and as you go through that book, I'm sure you'll find other things to put in there.
well, one problem though, what kinda file do i make it??? in the book, it talks about it as if its a file, but never says what exactly it is. and i dont know that if i put it there, if its looking for things inside the file and not finding them, then screwing up my entire terminal
In your home directory run the command:
"pico .tcshrc"
this will open pico (a terminal text editor that is easy to use).

Here you can enter your aliases and then save the document. When the document is saved, close the terminal window and reopen it. Now type "alias" and see if you new alias is in that list, if it is you can start use it at once.