TiBook with a 22" Apple Cinema Display?


I guess the subject says it all.

Does anybody know if it can be done?

I am guessing no, from what I have read.....

anyinfo is appericated

There was a poster over at appleinsider complaining that apple's lcd monitors only work with the mac towers. They are the only models that have an ADC connection..
I think the (white) iBook has such a port. I think I saw it on my brothers. But it wouldn't make sense to plug a cinema display onto an iBook, because of the resolution.
It will be possible shortly, but there are still some issues being worked on. Check out Gefen's web site for further info.
One of my customers has one on order, and there are compatibility issues that are still being resolved.

The white iBook does not have an ADC connector. The only Macs with ADC connectors are the G4s.
The big concern is power. ADC passes power to the screen. So essentially you would power the LCD and the laptop off the laptops battery. It wont be the best thing to do, so i wouldnt expect to see it happening
but wouldn't that ruin the whole portability appeal of the powerbook?...i mean how big does the screen really NEED to be...and the keyboard would have to be huge!

I use a 22" Cinema Display at the office. There's no way that it could be part of a portable system. When I first picked it up, I was surprised at the weight. It's not as heavy as a 21" CRT, but it's WAY to heavy to lug around.
Hey... does my iLamp have an ADC connection? I'm happy with my 15inch LCD, but there's a display connection back there which is not a VGA, and looks a bit like a cross between a USB and a firewire port...
According to the Apple site, the Video connection to which you are referring (I think) is a Mini-VGA output port. I don't know why, but it requires a VGA display adapter.

It provides support for video mirroring: external devices display an image identical to that shown on the built-in display with output resolutions of: 640 by 480 pixels at 60 Hz, 800 by 600 pixels at 75Hz, and 1024 by 768 pixels at 75Hz.

It's too bad that you can't add another video card that could support other larger monitors. If so, I would buy an iMac TODAY, but since I do graphic work, the 15" is not big enough. I know it's more like a 17" CRT, but even my Cinema Display isn't big enough. I have a 17" secondary monitor beside it.
Dr. Bott has a PCMCIA graphics card which has a DVI jack, so you can use the Cinema Display with the DVIator and this PCMCIA card to connect it to any PCMCIA-ready notebook.

And no, the IceBook does not have a ADC connector. You have to senty plenty of eletricity down that ADC wire...not really good for portables...