Unmountable Partition


I was having a problem with several ports that did not work. I used the techtool pro disk supplied by apple with apple care on an iMacG5 with OSX 10.4. Unfortunately it was an old version (incorrectly supplied by apple!). The disk suggested I "fix" my hard disk with a few changes and that made the start-up disk unmountable. I reinstalled the system on a different partition but the old boot partition is still unmountable. Unfortunately there are many files I need on the partition. Disk utitlity did not repair. The apple stre "ran" some unnamed disk utilty but could not help. They give me a new techtool pro that found errors on several functions and did not offer to repair anything.

I am sure the files are there! Please help.
'I was having a problem with several ports that did not work.' - first, help the rest of us understand what you mean by this. Typically, when one states 'ports' on the internet, they mean TCP/IP ports. If you mean anything otherwise, you must state such explicitly.

Since I will assume 'ports' means TPC/IP ports then ''I used the techtool pro disk ... did not offer to repair anything.' is meaningless.

'... Please help', OK, now regardless of the material presented - if you need to repair the iMac G5's hard disk drive (regardless of the number of partitions), boot from the 'Tiger' installation DVD or the 'other' bootale partition and run 'Disk Utility' from it. Next, select the original boot partition and then click on the 'Repair Disk' button under the 'First Aid' tab. No 'Techtool Pro', no 'Disk Warrior' - nothing; only, 'Disk Utility'.

What baffles me is 'I reinstalled the system on a different partition but the old boot partition is still unmountable.'. Why?, because the iMac G5 is sold (by Apple) with a single partition, and with the latest MacOS X version installed; and, by default (via 'Disk Utility', DU) one cannot create additional partitions without wiping out any existing partitions - plus, DU will not allow one to erase / partition the current boot drive.
Also, if a volume or partition is 'unmountable' that is because an application / process on it is in use.

Never, mentioned was that the iMac G5 was booted from the 'other' partition.

If mulitple partitions (somehow) did exist, prior to the MacOS X installation on the 'other' partition; thus, as already explained above - boot from the 'Tiger' installation DVD or the 'other' bootable partition - run it's copy of 'Disk Utility' and attempt to to repair the 'original' boot partition.

If 'Disk Utility' reports unrepairable hard drive problems - then bite the MacOS X bullet and reinstall MacOS X on the original partition ('Erase and Install', or equivalent, via the installation processes 'Options' buttons), all related updates, etc.
Just so it is clear to someone who might want to help:
1) I did partition the drive when I first got the iMac. One partition had the system adn the data. Theothers were reserved for other work.
2) The ports I was having trouble with were the ethernet and firewire ports. That has nothing to do with the problem.
3) When the original boot disk had it's directory broken by the wrong Tech-tool pro, I installed the system on a different partition.
4) I have a working computer but i am missing some importnat files.
5) Disk utility could not repair or mount the disk.
6) But I can see the name of the disk and the number of files - so there is stuff there - I just can't get at it.

Thanks if you can help!
For the benefit of anyone with such a problem. Disk Warrior was able to completely cure the problem with the help of their technical support staff who supplied a special code.