Unrecognised OS9 system folders


I have two partitions, the first one for OS9, the second for OSX. Before installing OSX, I installed a light-weight OS9 on the second partition, then installed the beta on top, and used my light-weight OS9 as the Classic environment. Fine.
But after toying a little bit with that system folder (adding appareance and an aqua theme, putting quicktime back for use with the classic Quicktime folder...), I found OSX now refuses to use it, and switched to using my main OS9 system folder, on the other partition.
Now thats rather annoying, as I need to have different preferences for both, and as my heavy OS9 folder takes a full min to launch in OSX compared to 10s for the stripped-version I used. Not to mention that I\'m uneasy letting a beta OS change my main system folder.
Does anybody know what can be done? Bar reinitialising my OSX partition and reinstalling OS9 and then OSX?


Just as a test try switching the startup os to the stripped 9. if that does not work your stripped 9 might not have a blessed system folder. To correct this boot into 9 and open and close the system folder of the stripped 9. If it adds the mac logo to the folder then its blessed.

Hope this helps :),
My stripped-down OS9 folder is blessed, and I started from it. Still doesnt work in OSX though =(

I have exactly the same problem. I have to HD. A 20GB with the OS9.1 and a 6GB with a basic intalation of the OS9 where I installed the OSXb.

For some time... I was able to run the Clasic from the OS intalled on the 6GB HD.. but now it only recognize the OS located in the 20GB HD but it won't run because it is the OS9.1. So I can't run Clasic.... :rolleyes:

I tryed to do what VGZ replyed on the first message.. and I could start with the OS9 on the 6GB HD... but with the same result.......

What else can we try.......????


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