USB Printer Sharing


I've got an HP 810c. It's an alright printer.

I've got that printer plugged into a G4 tower (AGP). It's a nice tower.

I've also got a G4 powerbook. It's a really nice laptop.

Both of these computers are running OS X, and both are on the same network. It's a sweet set up.

I'd like to be able to access my 810c (that's plugged into the tower) from my laptop. Is this possible?

I've been looking around but had no luck. Where is printer sharing? Has anyone got this to work?

To take it to the next level: I don't know too much about Samba, but is it possible to share my 810c (that's plugged into my OSX tower) with my Step-Dad's PC?? I haven't managed to get samba to work yet (it compiled alright, but swat won't load, and I don't understand the .conf files yet).

You CAN share USB printers between classic environments running under X, and also to other macs running OS9. Just set it up in classic as normal and arrange for classic to start on login.