Video Card Difference?


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Okay... here is one for the masses...

I recently added a SECOND identical monitor (same brand size and settings and profiles) to my system. The second monitor (although damaged during shipping) had a RICHER color look that was just awesome!! I thought my old monitor was good, but not compared to the new monitor, or so I thought. My second monitor is plugged into a video card that I had Apple put in as part of a build to order system.

When I plug the (2nd damaged monitor) into the primary video card, it has the same 'bla' color scheme and my old monitor has awesome colors now... plugged into the secondary.

I have matched both monitors to the same settings, both at the hardware level and throug the OS. Can video cards make that much of a difference. I even swapped the cables and the only constant is that second video has much better color, no matter what monitor its on.

I have a G4/500 with AGP Graphics card. The one that came with it has the HD15 & the Digital Video connector - which as the less saturated colors, the 2nd is, well, I don't know... just what was installed.