VPN PPTP client and sleep


Safety Inspector
On my newly installed cable modem system, I'm required to establish a VPN connection to my university. I accomplish that using Jag's built-in PPTP client in Internet Connect. When I put the machine to sleep, Internet Connect disconnects. I would much prefer to maintain that connection, as I seem to have authentication problems with the server (I have to try many times in order to get authenticated). Any thoughts on how to do that? I do know that I had to edit the /var/db/SystemConfiguration/preferences.xml file in order to get the client working. But I didn't know whether such an option might be stored in there.

Of course, the other option would be to have the PPTP client automatically re-establish the connection when the machine wakes from sleep.

Any ideas on accomplishing either or both of those things (and I'd welcome any thoughts on the authentication problem)? :confused:


I just changed the power management settings so my TiBook wouldn't go to sleep when connected to AC.

Not ideal but it works.