Wanted games?


What games do you want to come to OSX?

on my list:

Star Wars Galactic Battelgrounds
Sims Hot Date Expansion pack.

Red Phoenix

For me, the two games that I'd just plain like to see are Halo and Myth III. Fortunately, not only are both coming to the Mac, they are also most likely going to come to MacOS X (well, Myth III is, at least, and they'd be stupid to only have a MacOS 9 version of Halo).

Actually, I'd also like to see a MacOS X version of either SimCity 2000 or SimCity 3000, but I know those probably won't happen. I've never even seen SimCity 3000, but if it's only half as cool as SimCity 2000, then it's übersweet.


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Im waiting for Uplink!

Unfortunaly its just a small dev house without a publisher. But they do have a linux version and so hopefully they made some portable code that can be moved to OS X.

Damn game is more adicting than candy coated crack.


I want both Rogue Spear Black Thorn and Ghost Recon.
Both for OS X, and MacSoft please release an update for Carbonized Rouge Spear!!!!


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Originally posted by Red Phoenix
.... they'd be stupid to only have a MacOS 9 version of Halo...

its Microsoft, they have a legal right to be stupid. and if they dont, they just tell them to hop in line to sue them.

and yes, incase you didnt know, mircosoft bought bungie a while back, otherwise we would have had it two macworlds ago (Halo that is)

sucks, doesnt it :rolleyes:


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I agree, SimCity 3000 should come to OS X.

I'd also like Dark Castle (well all three Dark Castle games) to be Carbonised. I know they're old, but I love 'em. Classic Mac games if ever I saw some ;)


My wish list:
Mechwarrior( glad that MWII still plays in 9)
Diablo II
Unreal Tournament
Tribes- my coworkers have a blast with it on the PC's

XP is an emoticon:D


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I would like to see CounterStrike. Of course Halo will most likely be the g0d of all games once its out and CounterStrike might go bye bye to Halo, but CounterStrike would be dope. But then, I am getting a dual 800 G4 in a few days, so I can just run CounterStrike on that in Virtual PC at about the speed of an 800mhz PIII. Peace.


Originally posted by Machammer
My wish list:
Tribes- my coworkers have a blast with it on the PC's

Make it Tribes 2.... Tribes 1 was super cool, however we might as well just hope for the newest games...

Yeah, tribes rocked! they could package it with that USB iMic microphone... man that games is sweet!

I really want to get Sims Hot Date for my wife... I wish they would port that! C'mon Aspyr!


Halo and Tribes 2. These 2 games would make me happy. Halo is just a great game that if Microsoft wouldn't have been so greedy, we would already be playing. Tribes 2 is a blast if you haven't played it already. Sierra needs to let this game come to the mac!


WORMS WORLD PARTY-if you've never played any version of Worms, try to get your hands on one. It is a FUN, hilarious, turn-based game in which your team of worms chooses from an arsenal of outlandish weapons to eliminate the opposing worms. See the developer's website and ask for a Mac version! Right now it's available for Windows and Dreamcast.

I'd also like to see Black & White and The Sims Hot Date