Webex or .wrf recordings for iPod?


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How can I make Webex (wrf) recordings be played in an(y) iPod? (2nd gen, nano, shuffle, + soon nano 3rd gen or classic)

I would rather keep both video and audio in the files so Rogue Ameba conversion would not be my choice #1.
I need some of those video files for work, and considering I could use 30 minutes 2 x a day while getting to work and back, that would be nice. I don't mind converting to QT or mov or avi, but need audio and video of those files...


You can not directly play your WebEx WRF file on any other third-party devices or players since WRF and ARF are two proprietary exclusive formats of WebEx. To make it, you must have a WebEx Recording Player first. Here is a guide on how to play your WRF file on other devices: http://www.videoconverterfactory.com/tips/wrf-to-mp4.html
I have summarized the steps from the article as following.
Step 1 . Open WebEx Recording Player and go to "File".
Step 2. Then click on "Export to " and choose WMV as your output format.
Step 3. Move your WMV file to other converters and choose MP4, AVI and other common video foramts for playback on other devices like ipad and ipod.


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That is a windows only app. And a 10 year old post. I am sure the OP has found a work around and moved on.