What are your iTunes prefs?


I changed almost all the default settings on iTunes when I first got it.
I turned off the cross fade and sound enhancers. I don't like the cross fade becasue the end of the song is sometimes the best. And I don't like the sound enhancer because...because....well, I don't know why. I just don't.

I turned on the VBR (Variable Bit Rate) encoding. I set the VBR to the best settings. I love VBR.

There was actually a big VBR bug on the iPod, where it wouldn't play the last few seconds of songs encoded with VBR. It was fixed in iPod update 1.1.

Anyway, I'm just wondering how many other people did the same and rearanged their defaults.


I turned off the cross fade immediately. I like the option to fade, but most of the time (like 99%) I don't want my music player to change the way the music is played.

What does the sound enhancer do? I couldn't tell a difference with it or without it.

And in general, the first thing I do to any program is go into the preferences and see what I can do. I may or may not change anything, but I definitely look.


The way to tell what the sound enhancer does is to start playing a song, open the prefs, turn on the sound enhancer to it's maximum setting and just keep turning the sound enhancer on and off. You'll hear a difference.


I turned off the cross-fade, because it doesn't really seem to work properly, instead it just chops the end off my songs :S

But I left the sound enhancer, because the Apple Pro speakers aren't really that great, and need all the help they can get.

I also set the bit rate the the highest standard setting (160) because I like NICE sounding MP3s, but I don't want to use up ALL my HDD :p


Personaly, I encode all my MP3s en VBR, 160kbps min. With this setting, I cannot hear any difference with an audio CD. No matter the place it take on my HD, I want good quality music.
The cross-fade is always off, because it tends to cut the end of some songs, and the sound enchancer is off because I don't need it with my audio hardware.

have a nice day everyone ;-)


I Think Different
Preferences in general make me happy. I love Adium for their endless preference tweaking. Chimera will feel complete to me when I can fiddle with stuff.

As far as iTunes, I turned cross fader to 1 second or so and sound enhancer off. I haven't had much time to play with that option but it seems as if it would use processor time which I generally don't have extra. I like the equalizer too because my speakers aren't that good for bassy sounds.