What in the world is this????


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Reccurring message:

2002-02-20 16:33:03.307 Magic Menu[315] An application with creator code 'VtPC' could not be found and failed with error -10814

I get this every time my computer is launched in the Console log file.

I can't figure out what it might be or what's causing it. Anyone have a clue?

OS X (10.1.3) - although it did it with 10.1.2 as well....
Magic menu is part of Stuffit Deluxe . . . . maybe you need to remove and do a clean install of Stuffit.
Yes, I have STuffit 6.5 installed, so that is the Magic Menu part - I understood that. It's the VtPC part that I am at a loss to understand, as I don't have VirtualPC installed (I did back under OS 9) but have not installed the X version of it....

Very strange.