What is your favorite piece of customization software?


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I would vote for two pieces (and since I'm starting this thread, I can do that ;)):

1) BlackLight - Just install it. Oooh. Aaaaah.

2) X-Assist - Everything that shouldn't have been lost on the way over from Mac OS 9.

Anyone else?
Even though there is a CLI way of doing it, Docking Maneuvers is great. Monitors are wider than they are tall, documents are taller than they are wide, the dock should have been on the right side by default, and then let every one have the option of putting it somewhere else.

When on the right side, pinned at the start, the Finder icon is in the same place as my startup volume in 9. That means that if I need to go looking for something my first action in OS X is the same as it has always been in the Classic OS.
I use ASM and that's pretty useful, I think. It is better than X-Assist and it is a lot more simpler.

Drop Drawers!!!!

I put all my OS X and Classic apps in Drop Drawers and they are within instant, easy access. I've also put all my bookmarks in a drawer (which can be a mix of http, ftp, hotline, carracho, mailto, etc. URLs) and a clip drawer which I use instead of the clipboard.

The only problem with Drop Drawers is a bug in Carbon (Apple's fault) which eats keyboarding events when a drawer is opened and closed. However I just need to click the foreground window to regain control.

Best value for money since Graphic Converter!
Originally posted by strobe
Drop Drawers!!!!...Best value for money since Graphic Converter!

I like what it offers, but HOW UGLY????!!! I've seen better looking windows apps... The clip drawer is a great idea, but I won't have it spoil my lines...

Anyway, for my 2pennorth, I'd say DockLock (Docking Maneuvres and then some) and Snard, which is almost perfect at v0.5 and contains the thing missing from all Dock-based apps - a customisable dock icon. the attachment shows my avatar (the Alternative Tentacles Records logo) as my Dock icon.


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I don't really care what Drop Drawrs looks like, it's functional. Snard on the other hand isn't, the links break if you rename of move files!
for what I use it for, then, which is as a launcher for preferences, less-frequently used applications (ie ones I don't use enough to warrant having a Dock icon), and constantly updating documents If you've got a nice tidy system, a place for everything and everything in its place, why would you want to move or rename these things?

I know it's horses for courses and all that, but Drop Drawers is still horrible-looking...