Where can I find PHP Application?


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I have not find any good PHP develop program for MacOSX. So I can build PHP for my client. I have to use PC to build PHP.


Personaly, I use BBEdit lite.
It does not color syntax, but it is a good solution I think.
Otherwise, JaneBUILDER for PHP 1.5.2 is describe as a visual PHP editor on Versiontracker.com. I 've never tried it, maybe you should ...

Hope this help ...


If you are willing to pay you may also want to check out Dreamweaver MX, which comes with full PHP support. They also make it for both the PC and the Mac so transitioning should be easy. Personally, I like BBEdit as well, but Pepper is good too. Dreamweaver is probably the most robust of the group, but also the most roubust to your wallet.


What do you need? To hack PHP one needs only BBEdit or nano. Dreamweaver MX is nice, but I think it's much slower developing in, the point-and-click is surely pedagogic, but sloooow.

A PC would be a waste of time, too... =)


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I understand that BBedit is great tools but I speak of PHP tools can do anything for me without have me write php from scratch. Since I using Zend Studio 2.5 is a PHP tools to develop PHP that have many template and more features. I would love to see if anyone know thier have for MacOS X ported?


I would just go pick up a couple of good PHP books at your local bookstore. Do your research first on Amazon or something to find what works for you. I suggest checking out the Sams Teach Yourself PHP4 in 24 Hours, by Matt Zandstra. It's been a great starting text to learn PHP, I found it very easy to pick up using this book. Then I suggest searching for another book if you're going to do a lot of complex tasks for an advanced reference, otherwise this book will do you fine.

I always like to suggest one learning the code behind the GUI if at all possible. I like using BBEdit as well. I wouldn't throw away your Mac to get a GUI for PHP scripting. I think the Mac has probably one of the better, if not the best, web development environments around for learning what real IT professionals do with the Unix backend and MacOS frontend. Of course, in the real world, Linux/Unix boxes with Unix backends and GUIs like RedHat, Mandrake, etc. dominate. With the new MacOS though, this transition, in either direction, is much simpler.


Could someone explain to me just what exactly BBEdit is? I hear great things about it, but these things are always on what it CAN do, not what it's supposed to do...what is BBEdit meant for? And is there a free trial for me somewhere?


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At a basic level, it's a text editor. You can use it to edit text. Doesn't sound much, but BBEdit does it SO much better than everything else. If you use a text editor for programming or developing at all, and you haven't tried BBEdit then you're making your life so much more difficult than you need to!! It has stuff like syntax colouring (and you can get a plug-in for PHP, popey), a really powerful grep implementation, an HTML syntax checker (it's got a lot of built in HTML stuff), un/comment facilities, the works. As Barebones (who make it) say, it doesn't suck.

BBEdit Lite is the free cousin of BBEdit. Give it a go.


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I do know how to write PHP codin. Which is real easy. But that program save my time and process faster also make money fast!


You can use JaneBuilder if you feel you need a visual editor / INterdev / Zend type environment for doing your PHP code.

I myself just use BBedit.. however, you said you like having templates and what-not... therefore go to www.seejanecode.com