Who wants ManicDVLN and their PC counterparts on the board?

Do you want ManicDVLN and their PC counterparts on the board?

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  • No... get em outta here...

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mac shaman
being an american....

i may not like what they have to say but i will fight to my death for their right to say it!!!!

anyone who wants to ignore them can - permanently by choosing that option on the site.

censorship in any form is wrong. very wrong.

i may joke a lot and tease here and there, but i am very serious about this one.


I also will have Ed fight to his death to defend our free speech rights! ;)

Well thought out posts, and well written posts make for interesting reading. So far, the majority of users have attempted to contribute in a meaningful way. That is what makes this site a valuable resource. The annoying posts are still the minority at this site. I have not really come across any posts that could be considered abusive.

With some gentle editorial oversight by the admin it will hopefully remain this way!

BlingBling 3k12

Somewhere... dunno though
i believe in free speech also, but you should go post in your own forums! don't come to another and bash their opinions and views on their computer... I as a mac user don't care about the PC platform and that's why I post here.... to hear news and information on the MAC... not the PC... so don't bring your PC propaganda here... go flaunt your specs on a PC forum...

avg joe

If they feel the need to direct negative attention to themselves, then so be it. The opinions that I respect around here are of those who have either a true intrest in the Mac, or those who have real knowlege of the platform and try to help those of us who have questions. Negative posts are just speed bumps to get to the true knowlege contained on the forum


Angry Member
It just seems like his only purpose for 'participating' here is to antagonize and mock for his own amusement.

However- discluding him would be... wrong.

But- if everyone ignores him... :)


I Think Different
This site is about news and community. These people don't promote anything having to do with news, they just stir up trouble. If I wanted controversy I would go to my little sister's bookmarks "teen" or amihotornot.com. Intelligent conversation is shot down by immature whining. I don't think they should leave but please respect the people here who actually do think different, unlike 95% of the market share.

BlingBling 3k12

Somewhere... dunno though
and the people that think different are really happy for their new product!

would you envision a DELL or a COMPAQ that even looks similar?! well... give dell 1 year to create a prototype copy, 1 year to actually build the thing, 2 years to try to market it and return a profit from R&D costs, and by then, iMac G5 will be available! :D and it all goes back to the drawing board...

BlingBling 3k12

Somewhere... dunno though
i was just naming off companies... i really didn't care which ones... i could have said Gateway or HP or Systemax if I wanted to, but those are the two that stuck out in my mind...


Just naming, oh ok, so in your argument, mentioning Baskin Robbins or International House of Pancakes is as valid as the rest of the companies you named.

Sure, i get your logic now

BlingBling 3k12

Somewhere... dunno though
umm... no... they're not computer makers...

apple competes with everyone for market share... not just sony... although that is their major competitor...


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Speaking of decay, did your boyfriend's feet ever stop bleeding? That sounded pretty bad.


I have noticed that ManicDVLN seems to have a serious lack of cognitive ability.
Why do PC dweebs feel the need to haunt Mac forums? Is it a deep desire to hang with the mac gang?

From another thread ManicDVLN says Mac OSX apps suck. Is this from personal experience or has he been remote viewing all the Apple developers?

Go away... and take FrgMstr with you!


Originally posted by ManicDVLN
IRC lol, last place i would want to be, especially for chatting, hive for the decay of human society.

and... the thread explodes with irony. :p


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You have to understand that he is most likely not liked (or paid much attention to) in PC/Windows forms. Here he is noticed at least (though not in a positive way). It is quite sad if you ask me. You should read some of his past post, talking about a guy with some serious problems... wow!

You do have to feel sorry for anyone who willingly ask for the abuse that he gets in this forum. I mean think how bad his life must really be if he LIKES spending time here.

But he does make for a great target!:D
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