Who wants ManicDVLN and their PC counterparts on the board?

Do you want ManicDVLN and their PC counterparts on the board?

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mac shaman
But- if everyone ignores him.

.dev.lqd has the answer you are really looking for. You have choices. one is to use your site options and ignore all posts by anyone whose opinions you disagree with. you will never have to waste your time with their posts again. another is to simply notice when they are the ones who start threads and don't open those threads.

the truth is that if you want to take someone's power away from them then you act as if they do not exist.
someone who knows the truth has no need to defend it to anyone. the proof is in the knowing. and when you let the flamers get you upset, you have given your personal power over to them. booting them out isn't winning. it's admitting they have more power than you and so you must remove their influence. censorship is an exercise in fear!!

Are You Afraid of Them???

i hope not. i hope we all have more personal strength than that. i hope we all believe in ourselves more than we believe that they are a threat.

in the end, walk with your head held high and just ignore the rantings of flamers. they will then go away on their own. they only take your power if you give it to them.


Well well, finally I find a person who has the brain capacity to immunize the manic.

But, the feet bleeding isn't over yet!



mac shaman
btw - to choose to ignore manaic and anyone else you find offensive:

click on profile at the end of their post.
scroll to bottom of page.
click 'add manicandanybodyelse to your ignore list'
(this is a text link)

they are now no longer a part of your life.
you have exercised your power and your control rather than giving it over to them by letting them upset you!!

"power to the people right on!!"
-three dog night i think

don't worry manic, i won't ignore you just yet. i still find you charmingly amusing at times. but you too could stand to get a little more self control and not let them get you all riled.

"everybody's gotta have somebody to look down on,
who they can feel better than at any time they please,
someone doing something dirty, someone they can frown on,
if you can't find nobody else then help youself to me..."
-kris kristofferson


International Playboy
Originally posted by ManicDVLNJust naming, oh ok, so in your argument, mentioning Baskin Robbins or International House of Pancakes is as valid as the rest of the companies you named.

Originally posted by BlingBling 3k12
umm... no... they're not computer makers...

Hey! I have an IHOP 4.2GHz Pentathalon MX and it kicks ass. It's got great expandibility, a souper-fast Kitchenaid WhiskForce 3 graphics card AND it makes great pancakes.


Simply Daemonic
kick toy eh ??
sounds good, let me go get my triple steel toe army issue ranger boots he he :D

Personally I think we should just ban the sucker.
This is a place for intelligent conversation for (*any* platfrom, if people can't offer up any good arguments and start flaming they should just receive a triple steel tip toe boot up their SCSI port lol :p



Angry Member
Banning him is rejection. Rejecting someone's ideas is, with few exceptions, never a good idea. Of course- it does increase the signal/noise I get from these forums to generalize certain member's thoughts as invalid, irrelevant, childish, and unnecessarily provacative and antagonistic. So- I just ignore him. It's nice that I can see individual posts with just one click while I'm browsing the thread, so if I infer that our boy has said something particularly amusing or *gasp* has made an attempt at modest, ORIGINAL, critique- I can check it out without going into the control panel.

Anyways- banning bad. Ignoring good.

If his witless rants just sit there without comment- perhaps it will motivate him to make more mature and worthwhile contributions, so as to earn our interest. Exacty like Sith said- don't feed the trolls.


OS X Supreme Being
I can now remove this idiot and never have to deal with him again...

I don't think he understands, we (or at least I) don't take issue with his disagreements with us, it's just the immature manner in which he presents them.

Doesn't matter now, I guess, because he's been electronically shunned...


I say that if a Windows person is civil and wants to make fair arguments (lack of software, dependence on one company, etc.), so be it.

When personal attacks are made, action must be taken. It really doesn't matter if a person is a Windows wookie or Mac maniac. If a person can't be civil, then don't say anything.


Fact is that such people need these "flame wars" to feel good. They now it takes a time to get attention as a valued member, so they just behave like idiots. Let them do it, they should ask themselves why they need this to get satisfaction. Anyway, just put them on the ignore list.

I mean, at first I thought FrgMstr was the same. He came here posting one link after enough to show how slow a Mac is, so that many of us thought he is one of those iditios, but - maybe he even realised it for himself a bit - now, he shows actually, he is a good member of this forum, and once he gets his iMac and falls in love with the mac world, he will be another great member.

People like Manic exist, you meet them everywhere. As you learned to ignore the idiots hanging around on other place, just learn to ignore him. I asked more than once for him to be removed, but well, this problem will be solved once he is on everybodies ignore list, then he can only flame himself ;)
Then, we can add him to the "fixed bugs"-list of this forum ;)
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