guess who is getting a g4?!

yes and i am so happy! finally, after one year with my trusty iMac i am upgrading to a g4 466 128 ram (i'm getting free 256 ram + i have a 256 dimm from my imac) 30 gb HD 16 ATi video card, cdrw i was told i'm getting it on monday! i am so exited! My iMac has served me well all this time, but i feel i will be able to do much more on the g4; which now costs just as much as my iMac did last year!

wish me luck!

i wish i could just hibernate till monday and wake up with the g4 on my desk i am am so impatient to get it!
deal already done sold it for 1000 cnd and added a nvidia gforce 2 mx to my 466 g4, now i still didn't get it and it's 5 days later, i'm still waitinnn...
i finnaly got it on friday! and instaled os x and os 9! it rocks osx is fast! it takes only a few econds to boot omniweb and internet explorer, or any big app! much faster than my iMac! nice gam machne too, got the nvidia ge force 2mx videocard!

big monitor haha im so happy, too bad i have to study for exams! they start next week! then i'm gonna take a brack and go visit my cousin in germany.... i think i'm gonna dream about at night, can' wait to get home from the trip and use it!

well all works fine no problems...

so see you guis around. :p
For the all new G6 Magnesium Powerbook @ 5000GHz !!!!

eehh... Am I getting carried away here?!?!?! :D

Enjoy the new MACS!