wireless card question


i have a slightly older ibook its 14 inch monitor so its not real old but im trying to get wirelessly online. i was told its too old for airport extreme, i have a cable modem and lynx wireless router. i was wondering what i need to purchase for wireless access... i was going to buy airport express with i tunes but i wasn't sure if i needed to airport card also..if someone can give me a website too thatd be great because apple.com doesnt sell the old airport cards thanks


What model is it? I have an old(ish) original G4 Powerbook Titanium (the 550MHz model) and I've been able to use an Airport compatible card in the side CardBus slot. Its a Asante FriendlyNET AeroLAN AL5403-XG Wireless Adaptor (802.11g CardBus). Hope that helps.


You can buy the original 802.11b Airport cards on ebay, but they are going for more than $100 there since they are in such high demand and are no longer manufactured.

Too bad you don't have an older desktop Mac. I just bought the Buffalo WLI2-PCI-G54 802.11g wireless card for my Blue and White G3 PowerMac. It is recognized as an Airport Extreme card on my Mac, even though it says nothing about supporting Apple computers on the box.


This discussion is exactly what I am interested in.
I just purchased a PowerMac G4, 450 mhz.
I also have a Dell PC with XP.
What is a good system to purchase for in home wireless network?
In particular, the cards/adapters for the PC and Mac.