WMP Music library on NAS, view with iTunes?



I'm busy trying to get our household off PCs and onto a unix based OS, and so I bought a Mac Mini. Very happy with it so far.

I have a 16Gb Windows Media Player library of CD rips, all paid for but no digital rights management (I'd prefer to keep it that way).

What I'd like to do is have iTunes play this library, or find some other software that will.

I've changed the preferences to point the iTunes library location at the WMP library, but it doesn't list anything. If I use finder to navigate to the same location and double-click an MP3 file, it plays and the library then lists the tracks in the album.

Any help appreciated :)


Yes, that seems to copy the files to a local folder.

I found a partial result. I chose "Add to library", and this seemed to scan the whole location. To my mind this should say "list in library", but I'm sure I'll get used to the terminology.

I can now play my music. The sound quality is not as good as our shuttleX PC, so I hope that's an equaliser setting or something rather than a limitation in the sounds card in the Mac Mini.

Also, the album art is not showing. All the jpg files are there, but they don't show up. :)