Wot th' hell... Can't paste icon to HD


Ok, here's the situation. I copy an icon (i have quite a collection from xicons.com and iconfactory) and I then select my HD but I cannot paste the icon in. The paste command simply will not work in the Info window. WTF? I thought you could paste HD icons in 10.1...
Reinstall your OS (same version you have now) without deleting !!!

See my post about Dragthing 4.2 !!! I also had a problem with pasting costom icons to my HD on the desktop (I simple got a full transparant one i.e. no icon at all)... but after my "OS update" I also got that problem fixed... :)
Don't need to log in as root, but for HD icon changes I've found I've had to log out/log in for changes to take effect. Other icon changes work on the fly.
I did the update. Here's what happens for me: once I have the new icon copied to my clipboard, get info on the HD icon and hit cmd-v. The icon for the HD disappers completely (the name is still below it though). Then I log out/log in, and it appears - voila!
OSX does not utilize the resource fork more than it has to. there's probably some .bundle or something somewhere that handles icons. Here's my privs for /:
drwxr-xr-x 43 root wheel 1418 Oct 26 15:17 /

It's odd... I thought I was in wheel. I'll add myself in in NetInfo and that should do it. Hmm. Or I could just chgrp it. I dunno... what do you think I should do? Or I could just leave it alone :) All I wanted to do was set my HD icon to this neat Hexley one.
Hrm, I tried this problem out on another iMac I have and it doesn't work, just like you guys. One this mac, I can switch the icon no problem. On the other mac, I have to log in as root. One thing that is different, the "paste" is NOT greyed out either mac. The differences between these 2 imacs: this one doesn't have the developer tools installed. The other one does. The other difference: no other user ever changed the HD icon on this machine. On my other iMac, my boyfriend changed under his user account.