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  1. Viren Sharma
    Viren Sharma
    I am tech geek and passionate of technology learner. Much exited to learn and share information.
  2. etiennecarter
    etiennecarter DeltaMac
    Hi There. I have a 24-inch IMAC that needs more memory (RAM and HD). I have some rams and a hard disk installed on another Imac (2010) which apparently needs a new logic board. Do you guys know if I can install the rams and HD from the Imac 2010 into Imac 2008? Please advise. Thanks in advance!
    1. Cheryl
      You can not use the ram memory from one to the other. The 2010 has a 204 pin and the 2008 has a 200 pin. Depending on the specific size of the HD in the 2010 will depend on if you can install it on the 2008. You maybe better off putting the HD in the 2010 in an external enclosure and use it by connecting via firewire or USB.
      Dec 1, 2016
  3. chevy
    chevy Giaguara
    Are you on the developers video that Apple presented tonight ?
  4. Richard Swallow
    Richard Swallow
    Usually in need of some assistance.
  5. vavv2008
    Installing MAC OS X Yosemite DVD to VirtualBox on Windows 8.1 - help please!
  6. actech
    so funny
  7. viettel3g
  8. tomyum
    Recently has the Aerial
  9. Iuse Free
    Iuse Free joeybham

    did you ever find what was wrong with the black screen on your iMac? I have the same problem on the same model.
    1. Cheryl
      The poster has not been back to this site since he originally made his post in Sept. 2011. You are most likely not going to get an answer from him.
      Apr 16, 2016
  10. Laura77662
    How do i get help, dont see how to post?
    1. Cheryl
      Click on the section you want to post in. Look at the top right for Post a New Thread. When you click on that, a window will open for you to post your question.
      Mar 19, 2016
  11. Michael Lanfield
    Michael Lanfield
    Current Computer Specs.
  12. tommytrant20
  13. Daniel Tyler
  14. CarlaDoyle
    I've changed my admin account to a standard...I don't know what to do with it!!! Do you know what can I do? Thanks!
  15. dded
    dded DeltaMac
    Hey, having issues getting macs to authenticate users to 389-ds LDAP. Able to get them to mount file systems using automounter getting maps from the LDAP server but no user authentication.
    My setup is 389-DS LDAP running on CentOS 6.7, no SSL. I have imported the apple.schema and the samba.schema
  16. metoodiep247
    Magazine Fuse - best place to find free wordpress themes, web resources, free website templates for logo design inspiration.
  17. willyt4u
    My Macmini will not boot up, I get the apple and the scrowl bar gets about 1/2 way and stops. Have tried several times.....same thing.....
  18. Giaguara
    O, IC: UI I/O X in 3D | Unix, OS X, iOS & Braille = Accessibility & Abilities | VoiceOver :)
  19. mountain90
  20. Chung Do
    Chung Do
    Love design