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  • Hi There. I have a 24-inch IMAC that needs more memory (RAM and HD). I have some rams and a hard disk installed on another Imac (2010) which apparently needs a new logic board. Do you guys know if I can install the rams and HD from the Imac 2010 into Imac 2008? Please advise. Thanks in advance!
    You can not use the ram memory from one to the other. The 2010 has a 204 pin and the 2008 has a 200 pin. Depending on the specific size of the HD in the 2010 will depend on if you can install it on the 2008. You maybe better off putting the HD in the 2010 in an external enclosure and use it by connecting via firewire or USB.
    Hey, having issues getting macs to authenticate users to 389-ds LDAP. Able to get them to mount file systems using automounter getting maps from the LDAP server but no user authentication.
    My setup is 389-DS LDAP running on CentOS 6.7, no SSL. I have imported the apple.schema and the samba.schema
    I think I already posted to your main forums question about this, but:
    If the .dmg is good, then burning that to a DVD should end up being bootable. There's no settings, AFAIK, that need to be set to make it bootable. It either is - or you have a bad burn, so try again.
    It must be on a dual-layer DVD, as the disk SHOULD make about 7.8 GB as a final DVD.
    Assume that one that won't boot is a bad burn, so burn another copy, with another brand of DVD, etc.
    You can choose to be surprised if the DVD does boot a Mac, as I have burned a lot of 10.5 coasters, leading to the conclusion that a burned DVD is not your best choice with Leopard.
    My suggestion is to forget the DVD, and make a dedicated partition (8GB is great) on an external hard drive. Run Disk Utility, and restore that .dmg to the 7GB partition.
    It . works . every . time and is a faster install, as well as being more reliable than the DVD will be.
    - Dale
    Sorry to ask you this, i know its illegal but i need your help. Its about a dmg file of Leopard install dvd, i have it , but i want to burn it into a dvd in order to boot from my powerbook. Is there someway when burning it through eg. toast to make it bootable?
    Thanks for the advice on the PrintMaster 4.0. I have the other program also. I teach school and have print shop and Print Explosion. I just Like PrintMaster better. I will try to figure it out, Maybe reinstall? thanks again.
    DeltaMac, there's tons of questions and I didn't really need your help on that one about mac os x on that guys G4 laptop. But thanks anyway! There are a ton of other questions left there to answer, though.
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