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    At what time MacWorld starts at your place?!

    Noon for me, but I have school, so 3:30. : )
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    do you honestly think...

    But what would make them want to do such a thing? Why not just run FreeBSD?
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    Favorite OSX IRC client?

    bitchx for OS X, snak for OS 9
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    OS X for Intel rumours...

    Nah, my mistakes were meant to be, um, funny? = )
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    OS X for Intel rumours...

    <i>Oh, and here's another bubble to burst. Despite popular opinion, "you are" is consolidated to "you're", not "your". Teehee.</i> Thank you for that little Enlgish lesson, I now have mastered the strange world of contraction's . . . Also, I doubt many people buy Mac's because they really...
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    "The evolution of technology may be changed forever."

    I'm curious, how was that an educated guess?
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    The Register Follow up article

    Does anyone else think "Tog" is an idiot? Seriously . . . That guy always seems to get on my nerves.
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    New Idea

    Thin clients are neat. I really don't see Apple doing anything with them though being Sun already has a tight grip on that market and that market really isn't directed towards consumers.
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    We are the robots, any1?

    Well yes most Roxy Music is well . . . Not very intresting, though I should admit I was never really intrested in glam (unless you consider Iggy glam) . . . But rememeber Eno wasn't in the band that long and the stuff he worked on was never really popular . . . Also Eno always was doing...
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    We are the robots, any1?

    Well I was refering to Roxy Music Eno which would be 73, 74. As for his solo projects, I would say 77 when Music for Films was released.
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    We are the robots, any1?

    "kraftwerk is the inspiration for all major detroit techno and other electronic dance pioneers . . ." I really wouldn't agree with that statement. It seems there are two camps, the Kraftwerk camp and the Eno/Cage camp. But then again, inspiration is a tricky thing.
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    AI any1?

    I think once people started putting him/her on ignore (myself included), him/her thought it would be a good idea to create worthless topics. That's all I have to say on the matter
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    We are the robots, any1?

    Kraftwerk is really bad electronic based music. The only reason I give them a tad bit of respect is for inspiring Carl Craig thus inspiring the whole Detroit rave scene, which really brought techno to where it is now.
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    OS X for Intel rumours...

    No, most of the comments I saw were: Windows is about 99 bucks, Lindows is 99 bucks, why buy Lindows which only half works? or . . . Can't wait till they flop so maybe they will free up some source. or . . . Back in 1992-1993 we were shooting on the set of Sodomy Street, a take...