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    Text on Startup

    did you do it as super user
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    Where are the Easter Eggs ???

    The best easter eggs are the ones jobs doesn't know about anyway
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    Mail folders are in standard *NIX format

    so then would there be a way to use mail to access an existing pine account. Actually this is something i have been interested in. If anyone everheres of somesort of cgi that can access an existing pine account including folders through a bowser would you please let me know.
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    When the Beta expires, will people be hosed?

    Actually I think that the people who installed on one partition are better off when it comes to returning to os9. All you have to do is boot into os9 delete everthing outside of the os9 folder then take the contents of that folder and move it bake to root, Delete the now empty os9 folder and...
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    unix commands

    I am talking about making a simple edit so that I can from the termanal for example type "t" instead of telnet
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    changing priorities

    Do you have a place yet that i can down;oad the binary from I am very interested.
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    unix commands

    Does anyone know where on this wonderful unix based OS that I can create custom command shortcuts. I know on slackware it is /etc/profile but I am not sure where on this version. Any help would be great.