unix commands


Does anyone know where on this wonderful unix based OS that I can create custom command shortcuts.
I know on slackware it is /etc/profile but I am not sure where on this version. Any help would be great.
What do y you mean by shortcuts? Some unicies use a file called aliases in /etc, but OSX uses NetInfo so if you have a machine called 'billsbox.microsoft.com' that you would like to use a service on, you go to NetInfo > Machines, copy the localhost setting and set an alias like billsbox.

If you mean you want to type 'home' and have the shell cd to ~, it depends on your shell, but assuming you are using the default tcsh shell, add aliases into your ~/.tcshrc file:

alias home 'cd ~/'

or you could tell .tcshrc to look into another file for your aliases (which is what I do)

source ~/.alias

create an .alias file in ~, and add your aliases as shown above.
I am talking about making a simple edit so that I can from the termanal for example type "t" instead of
Either way would work. I don't think there are any easier ways. If you want the shortcuts to work only in the shell, edit .tcshrc or .alias, if you want global access to the shortcuts, use NetInfo.