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    Weird connectivity problem

    To clarify: ssh from local machine into other local machine (all connected through airport): no problem. ssh from local machine to other host outside local network: "no route to host" error. Did not have this problem before. Port mapping won't help, as I do not want to get into the...
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    Weird connectivity problem

    I just upgraded to Tiger with no problems. However, since I've done that, I have noted very bizarre connectivity issues. My home network is airport based, connected to a cable modem. I have no problem connecting to the internet. Ping also works. What troubles me is that ssh, ftp, telnet etc all...
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    Jaguar Broke Apache

    I had the same php problem. But, lazy as I am, I looked into the /etc/httpd folder and saw the httpd.conf.applesaved file. I just switched that file back to httpd.conf, saving the new one just in case, and php was working just fine! So far I have not noticed any weird behavior this way. Andreas
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    MySQL Instal Errors

    I have successfully installed the binary distribution from Works like a charm. Would still like to know why Jaguar breaks both the old compiled mysql and does not allow a source compile (at least not with 3.23.52). Perhaps someone can enlighten us. Andreas
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    MySQL Instal Errors

    To find out why the demon stopped, check your .err log which should be in the data folder. Sometimes that gives you a hint. I have noted that you have to play with the permissions (mysql or whatever user you have the process run). Personally, I also had some problems since I upgraded to...
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    Installing OSX over the Beta

    I have had problems installing MacOs X on my Powerbook G3 Firewire with the FWB disk drivers. I am not 100% sure whether it is due to those or has another reason, but this is what happens: Tried to install MacOs X onto HFS+ partition which had been created by FWB. The install crashes before...