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    Ctrl-click on a Docked Window

    I've hit that bump a few times myself.... It seems like a natural item to have in the menu. I've submitted the suggestion to Apple and encourage others to do the same. Hopefully it's just "one of those little things" that will show up in an update.
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    GUI performace

    See, I'm just the opposite. I would rather them leave out or make optional those "features" until they are as fast or faster than the current OS. Unless somthing miraculous happens and live window resizing works perfectly when OS X is released, it should definitely be an option (which would...
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    Changing directories in Terminal

    With the default tcsh we've got tab-completion. What that means is that if you're trying to change into a directory called "My Directory" you can just type <tt>cd My[TAB]</tt> and it will fill in the rest. This assumes that you do not have any other directories that start with "My " in...
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    Keyboard opinion poll

    I'm part of this minority as well... I really like the tiny keyboard and the second round mouse (the one with the little divot so you could orient yourself).
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    drawer view suggestion (with screenshot)

    I agree with the need for something like the tabbed folders of the current MacOS. However, to me it seems unnatural to click somewhere and have a menu pop out somewhere else (even if the somewhere else is a fixed location). Hmmm... an interesting idea nevertheless.
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    A Centered Menu Bar

    That last button was for "Single Window Mode," where only one window would be showing at any time. If you were to maxmize a second window, the first window would minimize itself. I kind of thought this was neat but don't know if I'd have ever used it. A lot of people didn't like it...
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    Dock feature request - tabs? - see visuals

    I really like this idea! I'm a long-time user of DragThing and have always thought that a tabbed launcher system works rather well. I'm not happy that Apple has forced us to use one system as both a launcher and manager of current applications and documents, but your idea seems to be a nice...
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    Things Apple forgot in OS X

    Hold down the option key while in the Special menu... Or, from the terminal: <pre>restart -r now</pre>
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    restless sleep consumes much battery

    The resetting of the clock is not unique to OS X. This has happened on my bronze keyboard powerbook ever since day one after it sleeps itself to death. (It also resets the General Controls and Keyboard settings, which is a pain because I remap my F keys to other things. :)) There has been a...
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    Hiding vs. Minimizing

    Maybe it's just me, but I can't get used to the restoration of items that are "hidden" and items that are "minimized." For example, say I have four Explorer windows open. I minimize one of them, but then quickly need to get to the something else and command-H to hide the remaining three...
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    Aargh my eyes !

    I agree that on the LCD the text is just a little to fuzzy for comfort. I generally like anti-aliasing, but sometimes I feel that OSX is taking it to the extreme. One of the things I've enjoyed about 8.5+ is that you can choose at what font size to start anti-aliasing text... I hope they...