Hiding vs. Minimizing


Maybe it's just me, but I can't get used to the restoration of items that are "hidden" and items that are "minimized."

For example, say I have four Explorer windows open. I minimize one of them, but then quickly need to get to the something else and command-H to hide the remaining three. A few minutes later I need the first Explorer window back, so I head down to the dock and click on the application icon and that brings up three documents. After clicking through all of those, I remember Oh! I *minimized* that one window, now where's that icon? and head back to the dock for a second try.

Granted, I keep my dock about as small as it will go and hidden... maybe if I kept it big and visible (aka "intrusive") I would be able to find my documents more easily.

I like being able to minimize windows and get them entirely off of the screen (unlike windowshades)... but I wish there was an easy way to restore all windows of a particular application at once. Perhaps "Restore All" could be a contexual menu item for applications in the dock (assuming we get contextual menus in the dock) or maybe done by [insert your favorite modifier key here]-clicking on the icon.

[Edited by annette on 10-05-2000 at 02:04 PM]
I think that any time you click on an app in the Dock that has some windows from it minimized, the app should come to the front as well as all of its windows should unminimize. And if there are no windows at all open (behind other windows or minimized) with the associated app you click on, then spawn a new window. I don't like how every time you click the Desktop on the Dock, it always opens a new window, whether you have one already open/minimized or not.