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    Video Cards for OS X

    Also, the radeon does support OpenGL just fine.
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    Video Cards for OS X

    I am a mac newbie, but have been using been a pc user for years. I am not sure what kind of driver support nvidia or ati cards get on the mac, but as for as the hardware, the geforce 3 is in a league by itself. There is nothing that comes anywhere close to the graphics horsepower the geforce 3...
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    I have had the same problem. I don't remember it ever asking for a root password during setup. I try to switch to superuser in terminal but don't know what the root password is. Can anyone help? I need to be able to login to root in terminal to get to mysql settings.
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    mac and os x are da bomb

    I have 6 pc's including laptops at home, and they are all crap. I blame that largely on all of the microSHAFT software running on them. I have been a pc user and network consultant for several years, a friend finally convinced me to by a mac and i love it. It is quite a change not having to...
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