mac and os x are da bomb


I have 6 pc's including laptops at home, and they are all crap. I blame that largely on all of the microSHAFT software running on them. I have been a pc user and network consultant for several years, a friend finally convinced me to by a mac and i love it. It is quite a change not having to reboot every hour or two, i can actually get some work done.
For a real treat, go to the Terminal and execute the command "uptime." Watch all of your Windows using friends turn green with jealousy. :D
Is there a way to view how many hours in total your mac has been functional ?
When I had my old performa I used a program (the name escapes me) and I found out that I had used it a total of about 3500 hours in 3 years lol.... I was wondering how much my G3 has racked up since it's on more than I had my performa on lol :p (and I have had it for a couple of years now).

Rhapsody DR2 uptime: 77 days, 10:42,

Irix 6.2 (Indy) uptime: 87 days, 3:40,

(they would have been the same, but I installed more memory on the Rhapsody system)

Mac OS X uptime: 17:45 (I was playing Quake II yesterday in 9.1 :D )
Hmmmm ... If I lighten the load on my MP3 app... and run OS X full time I cuold try to compete.... the problem is that my mac is in my bedroom and the ran bothers me when I sleep ... lol ... I have left it on occasionally to receive faxes from abroad (damn the time difference) and it was annoying as hell :p
there's a couple of things for linux that will record uptimes.. uptimed is one.

the problem is that my mac is in my bedroom and the ran bothers me when I sleep
That's the only reason mine ever gets turned off. I hope Apple keeps improving the Cube; I need a new mac next year. Or I'd settle for just having my G4 with SCSI card go to sleep under OSX.