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    Ipod not playing with iPhoto

    Got the answer myself. If any body runs into the same problem.
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    Ipod not playing with iPhoto

    After restoring my iPod to factory-setting, i no-longer have the ability to sync my photos to the unit. I have uploaded a screen screenshot of my problem. 10.6.4 2.26 Core 2 4 GB DDR3 iTunes 10 iPod 2.4 (Classic)
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    Back light on keyboard - fixing

    Sorry for the bad picture. Nothing out of the ordinary in terms of how i have used my laptop/downloaded. When i press the F5/F6 (backlight keys to my keyboard) the floating box comes up with a Block symbol of some kind. thanks
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    What have i done?

    10.6.3 combo update, did the trick, thanks to both of you.
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    What have i done?

    yes 10.6.3 form the software update sub-menu from the apple (top left) then as said, on restarting my computer a box opened asking me to keep or trash my conflicting fonts. no i don't have them in the trash any more
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    What have i done?

    after installing software update (latest) i was asked to restart and prompt to delete unneeded fonts. after restarting this was happening. thank you
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    Download and sleep...

    MacBook Pro, running snow-L. as i'm downloading, through iTunes or browsers there have been times when i'd like to close my lid (to put the computer to sleep). is there any why i can do this?
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    Error in Disk Utility...

    Volume Header needs minor repair The volume Macintosh HD needs to be repaired. Error: The underlying task reported failure on exit 1 HFS volume checked Volume needs repair ------------------------ (above) after running 'Verify Disc Permissions' this message came. ibook G4...
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    Need help with recording

    hi guy's, need help with recording... cdjs, mixer etc etc. √ apple mac. √ Tascam US-122 (USB MIDI Interface) √ With this equipment how can i record my mixes? thanks... :-/
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    photoshop...(969DPI), convert to 300DPI)

    hello guys, thanks for your posts... one more thing.. i'm starting working with cs3 Ai and i want to move my photoshop brushers over..! what Ai sub folder do i place them in..
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    photoshop...(969DPI), convert to 300DPI)

    working with CS2, witch i prefer. working on a logo with solid black background and a green logo (#8bc63f), 3x3 inch. i've uploaded to a company that are going to produce it as a promotion sticker. they have sent me a email back with some error's i need to correct, such as: my image quality...
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    mastering sound....

    ibookG4 1.3 mhz 1 ram 10.4.11 I'm looking for something like Sony Sound Forge, for mac... am i being stupid and asking a simple question..?
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    stay out of my itunes....

    simple question, i hope its a simple answer.... when i download a music file from an internet page (safari) it automatically opens itunes and plays, i want this to stop... how, please....
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    burn with tags...

    yes burn a CD in the CD+text format. yes i know its not the biggest/hardest thing to look for on the internet but i just thought i could get a quick answer for a program that may have slipped though my searching.