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    Damn!! deleted ldap admin group

    now i can't administrate the open directory. Can this be rectified using the command line? I tried serversetup to add a new admin user but got : :xserve:/system/library/serversetup administrator$ ./serversetup -createUser adminuser adminuser password 2005-06-20 16:21:32.131...
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    Creating Active Directory Users from Workgroup Manager

    thanks very much Go3iversion, things are starting to come together now. Cheers!
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    One more thing....browsing the xserve from a pc

    ok, smb services are setup ok, I can connect via smb from macs and pcs, no problem.I'm logging in as an active directory user,the server is bound to the AD. But, If I try to browse the xserve from the Pcs network neighbourhood I get told I don't have permission and I can't even look at the...
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    Creating Active Directory Users from Workgroup Manager

    I've got it working now, I had been using network homes so that may have had something to do with it. Also my DNS wasn't setup correctly so I had problems with the KDC and the password server. It seems DNS is the most important thing to get right when you're setting up an OD server. In...
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    Creating Active Directory Users from Workgroup Manager

    thanks, that works nicely but with one problem. It doesn't move the "home" to the network, just mounts the empty directory.Which is actually fine but at the same time AD users are locked out of half the local home on their desktop macs. I can reassign permissions but its a pain in the...
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    Creating Active Directory Users from Workgroup Manager

    Hi, I'm trying to setup our xserve so our clients will authenticate against AD but have their prefs managed by OSX Server. So far I've got the clients logging on ok,group folders mount nicely and I can see AD users and groups from workgroup manager. But when I try to add a home directory...
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    Remotely installing software on an XServe

    I'm having the exact same problem, i hav an xserve and no video card. I've installed the system using server assistant,shared out a folder with server admin. I then copied over to the server,ssh'd to the server as root and launched :