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    VPC OS's??

    I miss geos, it was the only gui I could get running on our 386 back in the day.
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    I have a Performa PowerPc G2(603e)!

    Thank you Captain Obvious, for your helpful contribution. We are all now much better off with your guidance. :rolleyes:
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    Cool huh ?

    JeffK? Is that you?
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    I have a Performa PowerPc G2(603e)!

    It can also be an early G3 just trying to be helpful :)
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    Cool huh ?

    The iTunes thing is probably a skin for Media Player, etc. The dock is a 3rd party app I think... Over all it looks good :)
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    I have a Performa PowerPc G2(603e)!

    Herve, PowerMacs are not always G3/G4/G5 processors. The first PowerMacs were 601, then I think 603/603e, then 604. Then they went to G3/G4/G5. As far as I know, there were no G3 Performas from Apple. There might be upgrades though. Hope that helps :)
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    herve: Hero Everyone Reveres Very Eloquently :cool:
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    Perfect world

    HE BROKE CHARACTER!!!!!! Am I the only one scared that he posted a relevant and comprehensible post? UP IS DOWN, BLACK IS WHITE!!!! Ahh!
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    They are still "selling" cubes

    That's great and all, but what does it have to do witl the "selling" "of" "cubes" "?"
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    They are still "selling" cubes

    Oh, I agree, and I think that the other posts were made along the same lines. He's funny, if not a little scary ;) I like 'em.
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    They are still "selling" cubes

    riiiiiiight..... :confused:
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    They are still "selling" cubes

    my vote is that he's a virus... that or a constantly drunk person :)
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    Voodoo3 PC ROM?

    Hello all! I got a Voodoo3 2000 PCI card for my Mac a while back, and now since MacOS X can't use it, I need to put it in my POS Windows box. By any chance does anyone still have the PC ROM file so I can re-flash the card? Or a link to a site that has it would be wonderful too! Thanks!
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    The ominous CUDA Button

    Use Google Image Search and search for Princess Bride :D It came from some site reviewing the movie.