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    anybody know how to burn .gi dvd iso's?

    So could I run that app in virtual pc and burn to my external fw superdrive?
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    anybody know how to burn .gi dvd iso's?

    I need to figure out how to burn DVD iso's that are in the .gi format. Toast doesn't seem to know what to do with them. Any suggestions? Does cdrdao handle them possibly?
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    how can I make a software airport to LW IIG bridge?

    Kind of a complex question here. I have a G4 tower acting as a software basestation of sorts in 10.1.3 for several powerbooks around the house. I have a Laserwriter IIg that I would like to share via the Airport network. The laserwriter is hooked into a linksys 4 port cable modem router...
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    how can I share libraries btween 2 itunes on 2 boxes?

    so does iTunes update the library at launch to reflect the contents of the selected "music" directory? If so, then great. If not, then this doesn't help me, as I would still have to manually add new songs to the library on the player machine in the living room. ?
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    how can I share libraries btween 2 itunes on 2 boxes?

    Hi. I have iTunes running on 2 boxes in my house, with the library of mp3 files on my desktop in the office. I have an old 1400c running as a networked mp3 player using iTunes. When I add new music to the music folder on the desktop, I then have to add it manually to the library of the iTunes...
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    How to burn bin/cue files with Mac OS X

    Thank you so much for this utility! I have been looking for something to do this for me. Toast just burns the bin as one big uncompressed file, which is worthless to me, but your port works great! Thanks again! Barker
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    Samba login error on my win 2k box. HELP?

    I just installed samba 2.2.2 in the hopes of being able to connect my os x box to my nasty win 2k box that I have to use to vpn into work. I just need to fileshare to an external drive attached to the g4 so I can use the 2k box to make divx's of some m2a & m2v files from my tivo. The problem...
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    how do I block certain domains?

    I want to be able to block a couple of domains from my system, to speed up page loads at a site I use frequently that pops up another window which basically causes ie to freeze until the new window is populated. I tried editing /etc/hosts, but it said something about it not being used except...
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    help setting NFS share...

    Got it to work using the app nfsmanager. Worked great. Tivo sees the g4 no problem. Now it's time to start extract stream... Jeff:D
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    help setting NFS share...

    That tried to create a shar rather than setting a up a share. Still trying... Jeff
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    help setting NFS share...

    Hi, I need to set an nfs share on my os x G4 so my Tivo can see it. I'm hoping for some simple instructions on how to do it, as I've tried doing it using the netinfo manager and haven't had any luck. At least, I've been unable to see the share from my pismo running os x. I can handle...
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    Puma 10.1 G40

    5g40 ROCKS!!! I have been using osX since the PB days, and the PB was fun but slow, 10.0 was painful compared to the PB, 10.0.4 was pretty slow too, but this release gets the macos back on the speed track. I can't wait for the final now...