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    sudo hole

    This only happens if the user sudo'ing is allowed to administer the machine in the users preference panel. I just created a new user who did not have that box checked, and tried a 'sudo -s'. I got a messge saying that i wasn't allowed, and that the incident would be reported (nice touch i...
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    To intel or not to intel

    I say no, for the simple reason that Apple is a hardware company first and foremost. This is evidenced by statements by the Big Steve himself. Apple would shoot themselves in the foot if they ported OS X to the intel platform, why buy Apple if you can have OS X on a cheaper intel? Also, with...
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    Colours in

    If you put the line 'set color' in your .tcshrc file, and use the command 'ls-F' (no space) you will get different colours for folders and whatnot. You can alias 'ls' to 'ls-F' but this will affect using 'ls' with switchs, so I wouldn't do it. aliasing built in commands is not for everyone.
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    Apple Menu

    I can't do too much with the Apple menu yet, right now I can only change what the menu's say, and point certain ones elsewhere. I will be poking around more to see if I can get some useful sub-menus working on the menu. Here's what I did so far... I went to...
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    Is it my install or is X too slow

    Your right, however I was mainly bitching about Quicktime and the screensaver (not that the screensaver is important). I Don't have a problem with the speed of my app launching (a bit slow, but not too much) One thing however, I was mistaken when I thought the window resizing was a result of...
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    Apple Menu

    Well, I used to like the Apple Menu, but now I'm not so sure... I don't think I like the looks of that second option... <IMG SRC="">
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    Is it my install or is X too slow

    Well, here is the confirmation. essentialy, I said "this is slow when I do this" and Apple said "Don't do that" Thanks for coming out Apple...
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    Is it my install or is X too slow

    Well, I got my OS X (tuesday, through educational channel), and although the shipping was quick, I can't say the same for the OS itself (at least not on my iMac 333). I noticed a slight speed increase (very slight) on my iMac with the box version as opposed to the reseller demo version...
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    Print window should be a sheet!!!

    My Bad, Didn't look at the damned dates before I posted... 'Ol "shoot from the shift key" Guano
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    Print window should be a sheet!!!

    Print dialogs ARE sheets, at least in the Cocoa apps (well, Preview at least). If you were trying to print from Explorer, for example, you won't find a sheet. But then again, you won't get a sheet when you save with Explorer either (Carbon app, written for classic, "ported" to X)
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    Terminal tips

    Strobe, this seems to work fine when used by itself, but when I try a command like "ls -la" I get the response... ls: -la: No such file or directory Is there any way around this without making a bunch of alias's?
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    Is it my install or is X too slow

    Well, I guess it is not not my machine. I too found PB faster than Final. I was expecting a nice speed increase after reading reviews of 4K78, so what gives now? I am hoping that is is just the way I have my 333 iMac (192mb) setup. 9.0 upped to 9.1 from download, the OS X "Not for Resale"...
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    Mounting AppleShare Volumes in OS X

    It seems that Apple is dropping the classic Appletalk in favour of Appletalk-over-TCP. I have noticed that I can only connect to servers which have Appletalk-over-TCP enabled (9.0.4 machine and BSD Netatalk). Looking through the help files on this I found the statement "You cannot connect to...
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    External sound problems

    I too have had this problem with the PB on a 333 iMac, I was hoping it would have been fixed by the final, as I have sent in a bug report about it. However no luck, Final does the same thing. I have ended up plugging my speakers into the headphone jacks at the front (the internal speakers...