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    Lucent Wireless LAN

    Apple hasn't shipped the PCCard family for IOKit to develoeprs yet. (At least, not in general). One of the software development managers for WCND at Lucent posted on the Darwin Developers mailing list back in Sept. that he was very interested in creating support under Mac OS X Public Beta...
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    AOL Instant Messenger

    What "UNIX" AIM are you guys talking about? On AOL's web site, I see a Linux Beta client. That's for i386 type machines running Linux, not for Mac OS X at all! In general, many command line applications designed to be portable among various UNIX or UNIX-like operating systems will easily...
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    longer file names?

    I don't have a chance to test it right now, but the comments in the cd9660 filesystem code seem to indicate support. I believe I've seen RockRidge extension support, but not expressly Joliet. For that matter, I don't remember the difference between the two. Also, there seem to be multiple...
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    Multi User????

    Yes, you can have your own home directories which hold your own desktop, documents, and preferences. Assuming you didn't set the "log in as a particular user automatically" preference, when your machine starts up, it presents a login panel. Log in as root and run the Multiple Users...
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    longer file names?

    Yes. Mac OS X supports 255 character length file names on both HFS+ and UFS volumes.
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    Apple's UW SCSI Card

    AFAIK, the beige G3 U/W SCSI option was an OEM ATTO Express PCI card. Double check with Apple System Profiler (or in OpenFirmware if you know how). If you've never updated the firmware, try using the link the guy gave earlier - it's also on the Mac OS X Server CD. If you still have problems and...
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    Success: 500Mhz PB 2000

    Just wanted to say that I have it running on a 500Mhz PowerBook G3 (2000, firewire model). Dual display works, as does sleep (<1 sec to sleep, 2-3 to wake up). It's nice to see the battery monitor... it will even show how much time left until the battery is charged (when plugged into AC)...