Success: 500Mhz PB 2000


Just wanted to say that I have it running on a 500Mhz PowerBook G3 (2000, firewire model). Dual display works, as does sleep (<1 sec to sleep, 2-3 to wake up). It's nice to see the battery monitor... it will even show how much time left until the battery is charged (when plugged into AC).

Beta is fast, but not oh-my-god speed in comparision to DP4. I've seen it running on a dual CPU 450Mhz G4 and an older Sawtooth G4.

How does the dock work when you span monitors? I often don't have the monitors at the same height, so how does the Dock handle that? Does it just span the monitor with the menu bar?

Mac OS 9 is smart enough to remember relative monitor positions between work at home, but I wonder about OS X?

I have a 500 MHz PowerBook, but my copy of the beta hasn't arrived yet.