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    How to set primary DNS to be manual and secondary to be DHCP?

    @Satcomer , @MisterMe : You frankly don't know what you are talking about. It makes perfect sense to run a DNS server on localhost when one is testing/developing webpages or has webservers on the local net. @groggon you can't mix and match DNS servers in that way as far as I know. I'm in...
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    Screwed up Terminal (and/or XCode) in attempt to setup Dev Environment

    sorry, I've been busy with other stuff for a while, so didn't have time to return to you before now now, the result from the command looks like it should, so I don't think the problem is there. But just to be certain, let's check what you've got. You ought to get the following : pro17:~...
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    SSH'ing to remote server with a PPK key fails

    that Terminal asks for a password for the password of the SSH key shouldn't be considered a problem ... that just means that you specified that the SSH key should be generated with encryption. As the the other problem, I'll need to see a log of what's happening, so add -vvv to the command...
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    Screwed up Terminal (and/or XCode) in attempt to setup Dev Environment

    Your ${PATH} value looks seriously messed up, and it seems as if HomeBrew is the culprit, as the PATH-values used by HomeBrew has been inserted twice - and incorrectly one of the times as there's a missing ':' in the definition of your ${PATH} :( So let's us start by fixing that your ${PATH}...
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    iMac G4 upgrade - Tiger or Leopard?

    I'ld go with 10.5 Leopard ::angel:: I've seen 500MHz PowerBooks successfully running that :) And I've personally got one of those lamp design iMacs that have too low specs, which I've successfully upgraded to 10.5 Leopard. I did it by mounting it in FireWire Target Mode on another computer...
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    Data Usage

    what do you mean by "control"? Do you just want to observe the amount of bandwidth on each computer really control / limit bandwidth on the computers
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    How can I prevent two computers from opening the same file at the same time?

    There's this tip: Lock files and folders in Mac OS X, but this is a manual process - not an automatic one. Locking a file is typically a request made of the OS by the program that opens the file. It's a problematic feature, because what happens if the program or computer crashes without...
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    Want to use different network port on two terminal windows

    You should be able to do it by using ssh with the -b option So, you'ld do : ssh -b <wifi-IP> <user>@<host-IP> to connect to the office.
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    Launchd and Lftp

    You don't have a cron file because Apple really want's to replace it with launchd jobs. There are at least 4 ways of scheduling jobs to run : launchd periodic cron at Apple is using the first 2 and in some circumstances I'm using cron too because it's much easier to re-schedule and...
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    Launchd and Lftp

    Drop the following four items from the plist file: Disabled - not necessary from 10.6 KeepAlive - not necessary in your circumstance Program - you are using it incorrectly and it's not necessary due to you having specified the actual script in ProgramArguments RunAtLoad - not necessary in...
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    Desktop folder isn't regional!

    Hello fellow Dane :) Apple is using some tricks to implement hiding the Library folder dis-abling the possibility for deleting standard folders localizing standard folders The Terminal command that shows everything is this : ls -laeO@ l : show the long information about a...
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    How to convert between date formats on the command line

    You'll have to combine the information from man 1 date and man 3 strftime declare myDate="2012-01-31 18:54:55 +0000" date -j -f "%Y-%m-%d %T %z" "${myDate}" "+%s"
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    How do I transfer files from OS 8.5 Mac to OS 10.5 Mac?

    this simplest way is this : turn on filesharing (afp) on both computers connect them with an ethernet cable - it might have to be a cross-over cable depending on whether any of the ethernet ports is autosensing connect to the 5400 from the eMac and transfer the files
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    [HOWTO] Show your Home Library in 10.7

    @Giagura That's the 3rd solution ... but it¨s not the one i'm desciribing :)
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    recover deleted files from Mac hard drive

    there's a discussion here recover-my-files about recovering files.