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    Ftp Connection From Mac Osx to Windows Server 2003

    I have tried several FTP programs, Fetch 4.0.0 and Transmit 3.2.1. I even tried the Terminal mode. I keep getting Server busy errors, connection failed, and in the terminal I got this error: 421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection. The contact swears the server is up...
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    Verizon Dsl + Mac + Ftp

    Verizon SUCKS! Worked fine from home (Comcast) but not from work, Verizon.
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    Verizon Dsl + Mac + Ftp

    So you think its Verizon? . . . I only had two problems connecting via FTP. One was to a RedHat server, but I used Transmit instead and it worked. I am having issues connnecting to a Windows NT 200 server.