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    computer list not showing all computers

    Did you receive an error at any point when adding any computer to this computer list? Last year when we had OS X 10.3 servers, this would happen at our large school. When adding a computer to a computer list, and you click Apply, an error message would come up. At this point, we were told by...
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    Creating images with NetRestore

    Several points about creating images with NetRestore I would like to pass on to others. 1) Using a Mac out of the box to create your image is not a good idea. The image is far larger than it would need to be (haven't figured out why yet). I have created an OS X 10.3.9 image from scratch...
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    Naming computers with WGM

    This is more of a comment in case others want to try the same thing. We use NetRestore to image our computers (either from FW hard drive, or Netinstall from server). In WGM, in Computers, you can add computers to a computer list. When you add a computer manually (instead of selecting from...
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    computer list not showing all computers

    Are the computers that are not showing up still managed? If so, does it really matter if you see them or not (other than it would be nice to be able to see them)? The basic idea of putting the machines into a computer list is so you can manage their preferences. If this is working, then being...
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    Dazed and confused - Xserve setup

    I am going to guess what you really want here. I may have something similar (Time Warner cable modem instead of DSL). I have my cable modem with a public address connected to en1. I have my internal LAN connected to en0. en1 on the XServe has a public IP address (different from the...
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    Xserve upgrade to Tiger

    First, you MUST update to OS X 10.3.9 Server before upgrading to OS X 10.4. There are other advantages beside ACLs (althought that was very important for us). With OS X Server 10.4.x, you can archive the OD Master, and then restore from the archive. Portable Home Directories (next step...
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    Workgroup manager - add a user to Admin

    Two ways. I will describe one way. In User Accounts (in WGM), go to the Group TAB and click the "+". This will show all your groups in the slide out drawer that will appear on the right side. If you have an OD Master, you will need to switch from the local Groups, to the Open Directory...
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    Disable programs on OS X server

    Launch WorkGroup Manager on your OS X 10.4 client and connect to your server. You should be able to add any program on your client machine to the list of acceptable programs.
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    Os X Server 10.4.2

    Make sure the Firewall is Started. Even if you aren't using Firewall, it needs to be running for NAT to work properly.
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    Slow slow slow slow slow

    It sounds like you don't have your server set up for a reverse dns lookup. Open Terminal on the server and type in nslookup <private ip address of server> You should get your ip address and your domain name then type in nslookup <domain name of your server> You should get your...