Naming computers with WGM


This is more of a comment in case others want to try the same thing.

We use NetRestore to image our computers (either from FW hard drive, or Netinstall from server).

In WGM, in Computers, you can add computers to a computer list. When you add a computer manually (instead of selecting from a list of computer currently on), you type in a computer name, and you have the option (checkbox) of having that name 'given' to the computer. You also need to type in the MAC address.

Well, with MacOS X 10.3.x clients, it doesn't work. With MacOS X 10.4.x clients, it does.

I have reported this 'bug' to Apple, but they told me they probably won't do anything about it since it is 'fixed' in OS X 10.4.x.

Just wanted to pass this along so no one else gets headaches trying to get this to work on OS X 10.3 clients.