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    another dock thingy

    command + click on an icon in the dock to reveal it in a finder window. am i the only one looking for this stuff?
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    Mac OS X 10.0.1 Update Available

    <A href="">here</A> is a list of all the files included in the 10.0.1 update.
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    Tenon X Tools

    commercial x servers have always been expensive. this is nothing new. just try to find a commercial x server, for any platform, under $200. these packages are designed for and sold to a very small/specific audience. if the price isn't appealing... just assume that you are not a member of...
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    mysql - does it compile?

    i was compiling 3.23.36 when i came across this thread! it errord out as reported and i made the recommended alteration to line 1241. up and running now! what timing! also... to get msqld up at boot time: • make a new 'mysql' directory in /System/Library/StartupItems/ • like the readme...
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    Spawning new "Terminal" windows?

    you can make a term config file in a plist xml format, name it with a .term extension and terminal will handle it (either opening from finder or 'open' from clui). from terminal choose file:save to save your window/session settings... the resulting xml has attributes not yet supported in...
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    PHP4 on Mac OS X 10.0 ???

    Your stepwire article talks about building PHP from scratch. I'm more interested in the copy of PHP that comes with every OS 10 install. Am I the only one curious why Apple included the PHP DSO? -cs-
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    Spawning new "Terminal" windows?

    write a shell script - save it with a ".command" extension - make it executable. then open if from the gui desktop. fun stuff. -cs-
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    PHP4 on Mac OS X 10.0 ???

    PHP 4 is included with OS 10.0.... sort of. /usr/libexec/httpd/ contains the DSO for Apache... and you can add the needed LoadModule, Addmodule, and AddType directives to /etc/httpd/httpd.conf. At this point the webserver tires to interpret PHP documents... but, mine at least, errors at the...
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    Limiting CPU Usage of Apache and Other Apps

    nice and renice have no noticeable effect in the PB or final. nicer is fun app. i believe it was more an experiment in tieing together command line utilities and aqua. -cs-
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    ll aliasing

    try /usr/share/init/tcsh/aliases ..remember this effects all users. adding a ll alias in your .tcshrc should prevail over this though.
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    Dock Size Snapping

    Hold down the option key while resizing the dock (with the separator)... it snaps to 16,32,64, et cetera pixels. Old 32x32 icons look much better when scaled to even multiples.
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    compiling ytalk :)

    yeah yeah - it's just ytalk... but i'm having trouble with the configure script... it can't find my "termcap library"? termcap and termcap.db are in /usr/share/msic/ i rebuilt the configure script with the latest OS X version of autoconf.... the new script was identicle to the old. any...
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    multiple domain names on one os x machine?

    I believe virtualhost host directives can go anywhere in apache's main configuration file (httpd.conf apache.conf, whatever it may be called). You usually see them at the end of the file... or in a seprate file to keep things neat (Inculde "file_name"). Here is an example...
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    multiple domain names on one os x machine?

    OS X is completely capable of hosting multiple domains with ONE IP address and ONE network interface. This scenario isn't configureable via the GUI. It requires manual configuration of named and httpd. (if you are lost at this point I suggest trying Tenon's iTools... or learnimg more about...
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    VNC Server

    I'm half expecting Apple to release remote GUI login in some form at some time in the future... but VNC, for reasons mentioned above, would be nice too. The man page for the Open command (which treats files as if you opened them in the GUI) list this option: -NXHost opens the file...