Dock Size Snapping


Hold down the option key while resizing the dock (with the separator)... it snaps to 16,32,64, et cetera pixels. Old 32x32 icons look much better when scaled to even multiples.
they shol'dv made that more abvious don't they know people don't want chices, i know i dont...

Thanks so much! I just wish this worked in the Finder View Options to adjust Finder icon sizes. Although, I'm sure Apple will make numerous improvements as fast as they can!

Go, Apple. Go!

The biggest improvement I want is a cocoa finder, but maybe I'm asking too much;),
Strange that the Finder's not Cocoa to begin with. It's not like it's the same Finder we had before. (or maybe it is?)

If you're ever bored but really, really want to do <em>something</em> on your cool new OS X machine, just start option-clicking everything you do. Apple's always good for a few surprises that way.